About Us

We are the Tshwane International Church of Christ, a member of the International Churches of Christ. As part of a network of churches, our goal is a shared one; to serve, honour and glorify God in all that we do.

We are a group of diverse individuals, this you can witness in the different age groups, social and economic backgrounds, family structure, race and so much more; yet we are integrated as a Christian family. We invite people to share in our family by visiting, joining us in prayers or by spending time studying the word of God.

Our mission is to make disciples, equipping and sending them out to make a difference in our world. We achieve this through teaching the word of God, a value we cherish. To this end, we are always ready to spend time with anyone who wishes to know and experience God more in their lives. We are a bible centred church, as such we base our teachings on the bible and offer biblically based lessons to bring people closer to God. We invite you to engage with us for you to experience God on one-to-one basis.

Our family approach ministry is anchored around ensuring that everyone in the church is connected one way or the other as part of the church. As such, we offer different ministry related services that meet the needs of all members. These include a kid’s zone, teens, campus, marrieds, singles and widowed ministries. We also offer a variety of programs such as devotionals, retreats, conferences, online education, mentorships and much more. The aim here is to build strong relationships and partnerships that connect and honours God.  

Our spiritual practises include meeting as small family groups, these are crucial anchors for our church. We host midweek services as well the Sunday worship service. Members are encouraged to engage in one-on-one relationships to build mutual accountability, to each other and to God. Our Sunday service is a vibrant one with the recognition of the unique types of praise and worship as you can find in most South African fellowship services. We are proud to worship in all indigenous languages and borrow songs from our international churches.  

As Christians, we are passionate about serving those around us and sharing in the hope that Christ gives. We do this through several programs. Since 2002, we have ministered to the needy and destitute around the capital city through the provision of warm cooked meals every Sunday afternoon. In following the steps of Christ, we believe the needs of the poor were always close to Jesus’ heart as per (Matthew 25: 40). The church has adopted other programs such as orphanages around the city and are available to meet individual needs of those who are inside and outside the church.   We believe in the power of the Gospel to transform lives and we use our unique platform to share the good news of God’s love with our friends and larger community. We invite you to contact us, join us or interact with us online so we can reach out and share the word of God with you.